August 30, 2012


It's been another month spending my sweetest sem break in Kuee Architect again. I was actually counted the days im with the firm and it is already a total of 6 months since last March. My position? Well kinda awkward to tell coz i really dunno. Firstly was because im part/full timer depending on my holiday, i did 3D visualizing, layout design, CAD drawings, master plan psd, interior designs, etc.. so i self-claimed myself as trainee design architect. LOL (not even with the part I yet)

This time there's a little different for me compare to the last time when i was working in the office. I met some new colleagues,  and they are pretty well skilled. A little higher level to push for my renderings and i realized my interior rendering wasn't really THAT good. That's where people said about ' there is always another mountain that is higher than a mountain'. Make it this way, competition is a push for better work. 

What i think is the best part was to enjoy scribbling and sketching and get ideas for a vasthu sastra concept house. Yeap, it was my 1st time attempt for an Indian family dwelling. It was a enjoyable process to see how the rooms are oriented into certain direction. Great to know that the client is happy with it. More works to be done on amendments, models, interiors and more for this project in the next few months.

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Ok. Back to the 'part-time' architecture student mood next month. XP

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