February 27, 2009


Finally, i have moved into this new house.
Well, after class i rushed back to my house by running. Tshang already came but i still havent pack my things yet. So fast fast rush back lol.. well he is the only one who willing to help me once again with his proton saga. haha.
As i thought, he reached n waiting for me. I feel abit guilty lol, since ppl wanna help u n i still let ppl wait me. haha.. sei yen tou.
So once again, he wait me to pack things. I passed my guitar to him n ask him entertain himself while im packing. Aiya, me dou ng xiong gah. Who ask that freaking business test is on friday leh? study until dont have time to pack lol. haizz..
Then, instead playing alone there, he lent me his hand n help me pack things. OOH.. im so touched la. and with his help, everything is done n put in his car already by 4pm. Very fast wehy
Then mei go that new house lol .. and the same thing has to be done.. take all the things out of the car n squizz into the small room.. walao ehy, is smaller than i thought. Haizz.. i have too many thing ldy. V both try to get the best position for this pile of stuff n save space.
i never think i can be tat fast la. Really thanks Shang alotz.

After that, v went sunway eat BBQ plazza lol.. Treat him for his kindness. haha

intoducing Shang. The only photo i got .. haha

After that he fetch me back la. to the old house. I went up to the room, n feel abit .. sad i suppose. C all this empty cupboard.. chair.. bed.. etc.. very Hong Hui...this the last time i spend time with this room lol.. haha.. after that, i took all those uneat food which cannot be consume anymore to feed wild cats behind the streets.. luckily.. they do eat the food i gave them .. ^^ good.

Well, back to my new house then. NEW HOUSE, NEW HOUSEMATE, NEW BED, NEW ENVIRONMENT.. .. dunno y. feel bad to stay in this room now. Maybe im still not adopt the place.. n the freaking toilet.. oh shit.. i saw a stupid worm inside .. oh~ sick

hope i wont regret anywhere la.. haiz

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