April 21, 2009


Lot of things to share today. 1st of all, wanna say tahniah to my korean friend,
Mr. Deok Soo~ ! He got a new girlfriend recently! WOW>.. the girl is also a korean. haha..
Su Zhi is her name. I was shocked by him when he bring her into the class n start introducing to koreans behind. Really man, u r so.. successful!!!! HAHA

Well, today v have trial paper discussion the whole day. I was not surpised until i saw my business paper.. what the heck? I really got 51 damn marks only?? Mmm. careless made all marks flew away. f'ing shocked and just cannot think anything for the excuse that im actually doing bad. Haizz.. wtd.. Luckily.. i still managed to get an A for this exams. Thanks to Mohan the saviour.

Mm.. after the class, i went for the business club meeting. This was my very 1st time going to meet the ppl inside. V discussed about the Drama for the charity, entitled Hopes Upon The Cranes. I had choose to be in the Graphic Designs group. Mm.. hope can do well la, i will try my best guys.
After n after.. haha.. so many after. I went back home for another episode of Defeated Queen. episode 15.. is really nice.. getting n getting interesting. haha.. then after dinner with MPP n CN, went study with LYdia n Baby Isn't Me at noodle station. Thanks to the GODLIKE kind of Lydia who taught me alot in studies.. xie xie ni oh.. then, when for another POOL GAME !! OMG.. since when i have been addicted to the pool? But it was really the fun. ha ha.. i beat my rival for some games today. Esp the 9ball games. SORRY THAT I HIT THE LAST BALL INTO THE HOLE .. HAHA!

rarely can see this situation one.. haha

Mm.. another day gone.

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