April 20, 2009

I AM 'Australian'

Guess what guys. Your friend here have just ended his wonderful days with the YKLS. Is really a wonderful experience in the choir.
Yesterday was the last performance of the Australia Week. Surprised me that i saw that Daniel Lee right after v finished the performance. He was speaking with one of the KLPac Orchestra members.. haha.. he is so 'tiny'. After tat, we went to 1UTama for dinner. We went into Chilis.. god damn it. Food there were really expensive like hell.. HAHA. I just can afford kids meal lo.

After that half-full dinner, Carol fetch a few of us go watch a Easter Celebration show at MBPJ there. Wow, this is my 1st time watching Jaclyn Victor's live. She is really talented and a great performer. She really shines 1 oh. haha.. Today i have seen 2 Malaysian Idols real person on a row.. haha. Too bad I dont have chance to take photo with them XP

I have gone thru alot of practices, reherseals and self-practices just for this the Australia Week in the KLPac. I really enjoyed the whole process, from 0 to the achievement that makes me proud. Thanks to YCA for giving me an opportunity to perform at KL Pac Pentas 1. Is so great~
Well, we sang a few songs which are really the nice, haha.. Australia Medley, Waltzing Metilda, Monkey n a Turtle, Botany Bay, Trade Winds, Cutty Sark, and Click Go The Shears. I think the 1st and the 2nd nite were the best performance i did... dunnoy why.. the following nites i just felt not that good.. but overall, v still shine like stars.. wuahahahaha.
OOYea .. thanks for Muffin and Cheese Cake for supporting me.. U guys r the only ppl who came to support. hehe. xie xie ni men~

one of my senior Yin

Finally all ended ldy..
Is time to focus on AS Final~

way to go YKLS!


Yau Weng said...

wah...u r so good ler...able to join YKLS and still in choir. I dun hv the chance liao ler. It seems like my life is not able to relate to choir anymore...i dun hv the opportunity...haha
All the best lo~enjoy~

Tuck said...

Ohh.. dun envy me la.. u got one.. maybe u can join yr school choir leh.. can oso right? hehe

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