April 10, 2009


Well, i do enjoy my recent days in subang and Ipoh.
Although is a 2 weeks break., but i have done quite a lot of things until today.
this is so called, SATIFACTION.. wuahahaha

Is been a long time i didn blogging in english ehy. Bcoz got chinese addict sometimes lol. haha, i noe my language is not tat good la, but at least i still can write something u guys undestand. Is more than enough dy.. hahahaha... so zhai..


My schedule for next week already occupied for choir practices n reherseals for the whole 7 days. Sounds abit time wasting huh? OR, should i say, pls give urself more time in studies?
SORRY. for ur information.. I m also a student. I got the ability to plan my time table n stuff. Can u stop thinking urself so so so so good until ppl cannot complete with u? Never heard: Mountain is higher than another one?
Kah.. this is it. dont think u r the highest mountain ok?

mm.. life goes on. Study stress is temporaily out from my fancy brain. I m not really enjoy the holidays lol.. Why? because i didnt do someting that i planned to do so. I have alot undo plans leh. Cannot make it anymore as i have to back ipoh ldy lurr.. how? No more holidays after next week. Kah..
Hope i can have a great time in choir next week..
hope so..
very do hope so..

N guess what guys.. I have planned other thing than choir for my next holiday week. Bside the performance n tuition.. i planned to go callifornia for a week. I do hope i can stand for it la. Or maybe 5days a week lol.. haha.. but .. problem is.. i got enough cash in my wallet or not jek.. haha.. so zhai..

extra for today
瞧, 没有你的日子正常极了. 目前的我

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