July 14, 2009


Hope so.
Haha, another extraordinary(which means super ordinary) day but yet still blogging to update something. Feel like wanna write down something that delighten me in past few days.

1stly, Thanks to QiQi Wong who accompanied me half of the day on last saturday. We went to Jusco for the show ''Ice Age 3 the Dawn of the dinosour''. This show is kinda awesome, but i didn feel anyting special that i can give aplause to. Maybe i have grown up and feel cartoons are boring. But the anime they did is perfect. Qiqi said the fur looks real oso. She seems kinda enjoy. Since that was the 1st time she watch cartoon in cinema, she laugh her ass off sometimes until surprised me. HAHA. then got one boy boy(she say very lengzai one) spoke loudly to his mum when he taught Peaches didnt come out. Haha. funny though.

xX With her Big Apple Donut Xx

After the show, we spent the rest of the day lepak in the mall and then yumcha at Yeode English Greentown. With Loon, Penguin, Qiqi and Jin.
This day did made me feel better.

Yesterday nite i saw 2misscall from Christina at late nite. She wanna ask me for lunch today in Sunway since she is dropping by Subang for a moment to buy some stuff. Althought is a short break of only 1hour. But feel like must go to meet her. Haha, to see my na jie got grow fatter onot. We met at entrance and hugss. She really skinny la. I can feel the bones when hug her. Haha.. We went to KimGary for a short lunch. She introduced a fren of her to me, oops i forgoten the name.. a very white girl with long straight hair. Small eyes, red cheeks.. haha.. but is COLD.
Chris said she is an air cond in the class which tell cold things to people. Interesting ..
Rush back to school at 12.55pm. luckily is not that late when i stepped into classroom. Ms.Tee still busy distributing exam papers there.

Just now something kinda stupid happened. Thought wanna iron my clothes but after i on the plug, whole house gone dark. Before i did that, i was wondering should i put the plug into there consisting 2other plugs which already there connecting modem. Due to lacking of space in my room, i have no choice but made a try. Haha, who noes, it really affects the electricity one. So stupid la me. Feel sorry to the other tenants.

Guess what? OldTown Kopitiam has a brand new menu ldy!!
Got some new stuff to eat oso. But i still stick to my favourite nasi lemak special~

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