July 05, 2009


It is just sien sien sien. Can't help being such a sien day in Subang.
Another boring day it is.
Sien sien doing sien thing in the room. haiz, why ah?
Sunday should be the best day for everyone wo. Lol

Well, spending whole day with maths thing and the internet. Then in the evening went pyramid to seek for amy. HAHA! nola. seek for stationary at popular. Today is the 1st time for me to walk directly to the shopping mall. It took me about 20 minutes to reach Haagen Dazs at Sunway Pyramid. I enjoyed the entire way since it was so windy n no direct sunlight throughout the journey. fhufhu~
But i hate the haze and the carbon monoxide from the cars. This polluted air are so often as u can see in everywhere at Subang. Feel so uncomfortable with it.
It was a speed shopping as i don't want to spend too long in the mall and waste time. I spent 2 hours there sambil had dinner with HaoQin. After that went home and then start doing maths again.

Enjoy the fries while doing the vector thing. yum yumm

Hmm, i heard from mum that my 2nd sis just arrived in KL to start her study in Cheras. Well sis, no matter how ng song we both  against each other, i hope everything to u is fine over there. Have fun and hope u appreciate the chance u have to study what u like the most. I am waiting to have a dance pro sister in the future. All the best!

A day just gone like nobody business(it is not yr biz anyway)
Such a boring day.
sienz sienz sienz!


♠ L.y.d.i.a ♥--๑•ิ.•ั๑ said...

damn fast wei your teacher..im still in complex number with this new teacher..ms ching..like auntie lidat.. =.="

TUCK said...

Ooo.. Guess what? She finished vector today ldy! Gonna teach stat tmr (arrghh.....)

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