July 06, 2009


Today is such a 'tuck' day.
Spirited day though. I felt i am who i am today for being as Leong Yean Tuck.

Well, it is most because of my utilisation for the studies i planned for evening went smoothly. I finished revising overheads, marginal costing and network diagram in about 2n a half hours. Now being kinda 得得地 already.
Love this. I extremely love this. If i could be so tuck everyday, i will have good results for my alevels. haha. But how to keep in continuously? Not sure. Mayb is all depends on the emotions. And c whether i got enough sleep onot. Highly self satisfactions r acheived today. Whee~

Well, i wanna thanked the visitors of my bloggie for the 1st time. I didnt expected some of u r such supportive. !stly i wouldnt feel great to expose my personal stuffs to u guys but somehow i wished i could share all my things will u all. U guys gave me the motivation to make my blog upgraded and looks better than last time. I appreciate all the visits and hope u guys can always come in n share with me. Once again, arigato kozaimas =)

Btw, i got some problem with my streamyx bill. I wonder why the bill had gone up so high like RM253.65 since my package is RM110! Anyone of u noe why?

1 comment:

=Purple TeenG= said...

service fees or something ??
you should really ask them..
got it solve d ???

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