July 09, 2009


Something really frighten me today.
Is not crockroach
Is not lizard
Is not tmnet bill
Is not money leakage
But is economic paper2

I was like a mad guy starring somewhere for a moment when im thinking my econs 22. I remembered i mentioned it in past blog. But somehow, the feeling come n go again starting from tuition.
Others r discussing about the AS paper 1. But whats on my mind was the crtical period i had during the real exam. Feel so bad. I really sked i cant get an A since the part i didn do well is containing 12marks. If the whole mark gone, i still have 88left. How to get A ? Oh my god
Really hate this feeling.
The results will be coming out on 10th August. still got 1 month left. I feel so stress. This anticipated B, gosh. I DUN WAN!
Really hope i can get an A.. i dun mind if its a weak A.
At least is not B.. Pls pls.. bless me.

To Sandra:
Sorry. Dont think that u mad me up
Is just my mood is swinging.
That stuff v can do it later.
Settle your problem 1st k

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