July 12, 2009


Dont know how would this happen, i hope it never happen again. Last week, almost everyday i got strikes, shocks from people. This n that, which made me really feel bad. I told myself forgot the thing, better day for next day. But however, strikes keep their attack that i couldnt even avoid them. Who cares?

Stikes from school, from club, from friends, from family.. even from myself. I try to be happy, be friendly to classmates but they just dont think like aprreciating. I try to discuss some notes with classmates but they dont seem like 'i trust you' that kind. I try to work out for the club but they just ignore my effort for no reason. I try to communicate with some friends but it seems i was like a toy which to entertain them when they r BORED!
Family. Everytime I try to share something with them, but they dont feel like listening. Hey, what happened now. Do i really like a NERD????? Do i really not QUALIFIED to speak? What u guys think LEONG YEAN TUCK is? Simply a bastard huh or what? I got feelings oso. If u guys really think i m, please tell me earlier so i wont waste my time doing all this stupid things anymore. I rather prefer alone than seeing you guys with all that faces. FUCK

"WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD" from armstrong.. this is not real. Although I love this song but i dont think the world is wonderful. Nowadays people are so hard to mix with. I aint know how to choose a friend that really can always b with me everytime i need them. People are selfish. Who cares about ur failure anyway? They would say: Your problem, fixed it yourself. or.. This is not my business. Even when i use my heart to treat some of you, but i didnt think u all will do the same thing to me. Fine la, Friendship is worthless. I dont think i will waste my money, time and brain juice for friends like last time anymore. Better find a girl friend asap and thats it

Some people say 2012 is the end of the world. I rather hope this is true. So the world will end and i can stay away from this .. die and start a new life.




♠ L.y.d.i.a ♥--๑•ิ.•ั๑ said...

you know what..i feel the same like what you feel about friends..sometimes i feel like a rubbish bin..
maybe, just need to find someone that really can be always there..and..feel like i still don't have one..or maybe to possessive..><

fei fai said...

hello fren..
looks like u faces many problem wo..
especially frens matter..
haha..me here canot help u lol..
add oil la u^^
take care..

jonathan_choy_long_lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lee Choy Long said...

True friends are not easy to get. Don't be so pessimistic yeah. Sooner or later you will find someone who could really be friend with. It is ok to be alone, you won't die without friends, will you??

TUCK said...

Yea sometimes likes to act pessimism.. U got ur point. Rather to be alone instead seeking everywhere to look for a friend. Look for quality friend. haa
Yea wont die with lacking of friends. but wont be happy either

TUCK said...

To feifai:
Thanks man..

To lydia:
Dont feel bad.. u still got big turtle accompany u all the way

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