September 09, 2010


It's been sometime for not updating the blog :P Yea guess what? It's been abit busy with the study life here. There r quite a burden of assignments to submint before the raya week. For now, im enjoying my raya holiday with full of activities arround Ipoh.

Here's something happy to share with. Last sunday my parents had finally got me a DSR camera. I've been craving for it even since i saw people's work fulled with high quality pictures and mine was like the low one. Living in a world of kiasu-ness, i was eager to make changes to achieve something better. I was happy that my parents had tried putting in effort to get things done for me. At least, i could have improve my assignment's marks as well as portfolios to get a better grade. :)
Here it is, Sony DSLR Alpha 390:
RM1,649 after trade-in rebate and discount
comes with 8GB Ms card

That's my new partner, Randy

If you know me well, i like to get my gadgets name. Lol. It makes me feel more appreciation on them and somehow it works. From Ricky(bowling ball), Blackie(itouch), to him the camera XD
By the way, there is no specific reason for the selection of camera. I have asked some of my frens on their opinions and did abit of research. So far Sony product is reliable i guess. And since they are having such Raya promotion, so just get myself one for architecture usage.
I've learnt myself something like Aperture, Exposure and the theory of third. Just touching the surface i know, but i think during the way i would have learn more.
Hopefully i could become a good photographer! (i love photographing though :D)

The first landscape function try out at my home's garden:

the naughty buddy dog, Lion

Well really appreciate this opportunity to get myself involved in photographing. Some people might think im taking it granted from parents, saying that I should save money from them and buy this later with my own money.
I think if you keep this thoughts to urself, u will never changed a thing in ur life. You've closed opportunity for urself to learn new things, n be different with others. U will never succeed in ur career, n be the one who can achieve their dreams.
Yes, u need to save money, but not in knowledge n education.
"sorry for being so mean"

Recalled something from my dad, sometime ago he quoted this in canto: "its better to have children who know how to spend money since they could find ways to earn them in future"

I know im one of them. haha
Say Hi to the world of photography!


Paey Yee said...

omg. DSLR. i so want it too. >< haha. btw its good to hear that things in ur life is improving. =D

TuCK said...

haha paey yee! thanks for ur greet. yea im been thankful enough for everything i have now. You too hope u're going great with ur life :D

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