September 20, 2010


Haha.. the title totally reflects my mood and life nowadays.. It's been totally busy with assignments, yet i could squiz out sometime to be lazy and rest. Unlike the Waterloo Monkey, she is totally mad with piles and piles of workload like bottomless busy.
Mayb that's the difference of Asia esp Msia and the Western countries. The trends of how work r carried out. But somehow there's always acception like.. the one n only kiasu-ness Singapore

Haha. If I really gonna compare all this, I would have defeated in the very beginning. Now, My channels of friends has spread so widely to so many nations. Indonesia(previously), Canada, Singapore, India, Korea, Manchester, Scotland, Taiwan, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adeilade, New South Wales, etc etc..

So.. When will be my turn to go and explore the world?
Really hoping it could be soonest possible :)

Well!!! Something happy to share with. I was informed by some websites that Iphone4 is gonna launched in Malaysia this week. So Maxis the boss, give the people good deal ok?

*left to the lazy busy life*

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