September 13, 2010


I've no idea how to express my feelings other than typing it all out in the blog.
It's so hard to accept this. Something which unexpectedly depressing.

It happened about a week ago already. Yet i have now to accept the reality right after I paid a visit to Machine. I was unwilling to tell him that it was a water danmage, or in other word, coke damage. Surprisely the worker there was able to identified his 'cause of death'. He said 'u better get urself a new one instead of spending so much to repair it. I was expected this answer, but still its a painful stroke for me.

I've a last hope to take something 50:50. I found a company somewhere at CMC thru internet, who's called themselve 'Apple service expert' to see whether they could be the doc of blackie. Mr.Lim told me it was a gamble to repair it, with a price of Rm300++ to get the 50% recovery. Even if is recovered, it will still has some imperfections.

I really dont know what should i do.
If i do not try fixing it, Blackie is gonna dead. If i do try, i may have lost the money, and get a retarded blackie.
The Machine servant told me, u should get urs recycled. What? Should i really do that?
Blackie really do makes me emo now. he was my all time beloved gadget ever, somemore he is the one that i've saved money for months to buy. N now, im gonna lost him. How couldnt i feel sad and depressed?

Is such an accident to happen. Will u eva think, a normal coke can will spill all over inside ur bag due an unknown damage of the can surface? Somemore i put the can in different section in the bag, but the ipod which in another part of the bag got flooded? I was surprised when i saw that, n it's too late to do a thing.

Really lost the ability to decide.
Blackie, tell me what to do will ya? T.T

Everything that happened is under the arrangement of God. Does this actually gonna indicates another incident to happen?

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