September 28, 2010


Thanks JimmyTeh for sharing something interesting in his blog recently. Yet this caught my attention and willing to share with u all here.
So some people might ask sometimes, how does a girlfriend of a rich guy look like? Isit randomly changed? Pretty? Rich also?..... Well, like you can see in those drama and stuff, pretties are always belong to rich EVENTHOUGH the rich is already an old man. Lets us check this out, the girlfriend of the FACEBOOK founder, Mark Zuckerberg which is now owning $6.9billion, and the rank 35 in Forbes listing.

There she is, Priscilla Chan

They have been dating since 2005 and just be revealed recently. Well, dunno whether it's reliable but i found a source from the internet saying that Mark knows her when he is in queue for bathroom during a party in Havard. DESTINED right? Some director somemore get inspired from them to make movies. I wonder ==

Paparazziii caught them dating :O
Well I was kinda surprise when i first saw of, what? wao, a chinese! She looks kinda good girl right? Like very loyal kind, humble, graceful? No idea haha. Hmm but for sure she is smart peep. Cos they were once studied together in Havard. And she's a medi student.
But she looks sweet to me. A Boston native though.

Some NewYorker said that they are gonna marry soon. Hoping that they will last long.
What a lovely cross-over couple :)

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