September 14, 2010


Time really flies like ultimate speed, even a duck and a fish could have be separated by now. Nothing is left other than the memories.

Well, it's always hard to leave the feelings behind. Oh! What? Another besties is going far away from you to continue her journey of life.. N now, it's Manchester. Deep far far away.
Eventhough we still can skype, we can msn, we can facebook, but we cant sing-k, we cant hangout, we cant yumcha, we cant sms. Just like, we r gonna take the challenge of the frenship, and see whether we could maintain it before it sinks.

Well, fiishey left on 15/9 at 8pm. Was planned to send her off at KLIA but defeated by the mr.transportation. But it's good, at least i didnt see her cry, see her walking towards the gate n left her shadow with us. Thank God we managed to have the last seesion of singing k at Gardens, and the last few hours to spend with her last Sunday.

Sandra, the future lawyer, is going to pursue her dream and make it come true. As a guardian for her the fiishey, the duck will pray hard for her. Blessing her for everything to be going well. And last, fiishey, take care. Enjoy ur life in UK!

With full-loaded love,
the duckiie Tuck.

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