September 22, 2010


A Drinkware from Startbucks: So called DIY that you can actually create the wallpaper with your own design, just as simple as changing the paper by taking it out from the bottom of the tumbler.
Haha.. for your information this is my 2nd drinkware from Starbucks. which the previous one was damaged in Taylors Library last year from the locker.LOL.. and it was only 5 days after i bought it.
Hopefully i won't be making this dummy mistake again :D

Love collecting'em !
Well, seems Starbucks gotten their way towards eco-friendly. A lota new concept from them to introduce green ideas on ther shops, even on the paper bag they used for take-away purpose.
If you get the chance try to seek the words written on that bag, they actually suggesting you how to reuse the bag. Wao... Impressive right?

Oyea! Klang valley's Starbucks is now with drive-thru service !!!
BERJAYA making huge money from'em :0

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