March 30, 2011


harlo guys! I'm here again to express my feelings of the day. That're some sort of 'bitterness' that stuck in my heart right now and i couldnt feel any better at the moment :(

Well this morning was my studio presentation on linear walkway and centric maze design proposals. Thanked God for giving me the strength to verbally do well, as well as everything went cool according to plan. Drawings are informative, and prototype models are pretty well-made. Thanks for my group mates that give corporation along the progress.
Putting away the compliments, i feel kinda empty. I told myself i should be happy enough that my design is accepted at the 1st place, and my planing for the assignment is pretty organized. But still, i feel kinda wavy where that is something gone missing. Well but still, keep telling myself to move on and start produce more quality work in the future.

And a lightning strikes on my head right after the presentation where the review of the 1st project is out. And unfortunately, my group got a B for it. I felt depressed. Even though the lecturers have already told us that our presentation is good and well-prepared, but still they gave us a darn on marks. Speechless, yet we cant do anything about it. Trying hard to digest, n move on.

That's my up and down feeling of the day. But feel great that my building construction assignment is now getting better and better. STRAW TOWER. haha. trying very hard to make it withstand at least 2kg u know :P


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