March 05, 2011


PHEW! Just came back from the fabulous only one concert, Mr. Jay live in Malaysia 2011!

Seriously I cant pull myself out from the feeling right now. The concert is innovative in a way that they used the 3D effects, songs as usual are superbly good, n also the atmosphere is out of control. I cant hold myself from screaming in high pitch all the time haha. Once recalling it, it could still boils my blood wow.
We went there about 7.00pm n we thought we were late. Wenda's mum is right, we can still go on 8.00pm since we paid for the seats. But mayb we just cant wait to go inside n ready for the big show. N the show ended about 11.00pm, we went dinner/supper at AC after fetching Wenda's sisters home and Pheobe Tan joined along. Haha. She ordered keow teow but ended up with mee. So pitty.
A big thank you for my bro, Wenda that have got me the ticket! :D I think the ticket worthwhile for what we experienced in this 2 n a half hours!
Let the pictures speak themselve for the night. Definitely go for the next stop! FEVA JAY CHOU FOERVER!!!!!!
after the show: it's like ants everywhere!

JAY CHOU, you're my life time idol!

more photos @ my facebook

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