March 08, 2011


Sometimes I just type when I feel like typing. This is a nameless post.

What do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror and lost the sense of doing anything? In other words, you've lost your confident of survive in the day.

I woke up in 4.10am in the morning to get myself prepared and go back to campus on time. 5am bus from Ipoh, reached KL Sentral at 7.30am and went in class at 8.15am. It's according to plan, but the feeling is not right.
Just a word to describe, HIDE.
It's been thousand times happening since 'you' stroke it over me, but seems that i couldn't have overcome it. God's playing around with me. Are You?

You might not be understanding my situation but it's fine. Just that a lot of things happen nowadays, like when you are afraid to go out and start all the schedules of the day. Yes, it's a big challenge or whatever you call it.

Life is short. Life is unpredictable, And everyone has no other choice but survive.

No matter how miserable i am, i just got to hide myself somewhere at the corner. Im not a freak, Im just unlucky :(

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