March 13, 2011


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This weekend n friday night is definitely lot to share.

Everytime when i see this picture, i felt we r just too fragile. This is like exactly the movie scene of 2012. As you know the disaster in Japan recently, it's driving everyone's mind crazy. Earthquake and Tsunami in 8.9 magnitude is really severe. Eventhough they can reduce the damage and death to the maximum but still, they cant fight with the mother nature after all.I feel depressed to what its going so wrong in the earth. Not to mention I'm worried that 2012 is cuming. aka the DOOMS DAY. Frankly, i believe it's gonna come. No matter how it changes everyone, what im hoping now is just a better tomorow everyday. Life goes on. Pray to God that the nuclear disaster can be stopped before it spread.

However, life get's fun recently especially in weekend.Getting up early for assignment compilation at Gabrielle house. That's the start of a weekend. But the following hours were awesome. 1st to have my BBQ Plaza dinner with Leo, the new housemate. Gossip of girls of course, haha. N Electric cut happened when we're home. The whole area went dark. Freaked me out though. 1st time seeing everyone's kindness to give help, esp the neighbour Aunty Lim who gave us candle.The night is still young. Everyone planned to leave the house. All tenants are out for a movie at Sunway Pyramid. But ended up the guys are drinking in Amp Square. 1st jar..2nd jar.. and it's 4th jar already. 1st time of experiencing Alcohol with Karaoke, which is fun. N yes, we getting high inside. Im drunk. Concious but cant walk properly and no energy to talk. lol. The night was ended up with something bad. But it's still fine. N i were on bed around 6am. Sleeping like an unconscious pig right until the next day 4pm. I was tired but unexpectedly no headache. N the day continued with a hang out with Kate, the aka PPY. She drove me to IKEA to seek for some useful stuff for my new room, but ended up buying 2 little things only. 1 more for Felixson.

N we went The Curve for dinner. Xian Ding Wei- the Taiwanese Restaurant. Quite a nice place to eat. The food is nice and the price is reasonable.

Yummy Taiwanese food!

Well that's my weekend to share. I love my life even more when i m surrounded with frens. N now it's Monday, 6am in the morning here. Bloggin, doing Research, facebook, n sleepy! Gonna have class at 8. Hopefully the presentation went well later. :)

This is true.
''Get Up. Survive. Go back to bed.''

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