March 27, 2011


Feel like typing again.

These days dont expect interesting post from me, lol. I've been using the blog as a tool to express n letting go stress.

1st class honour- nothing is easy.
As well as being a leader of anything. This and tat, too much to learn to become a good leader.
Even when im not a leader, i can see how to improve and be a better one from others. The realization is there and yea, let's talk about it.
You might thought that you always learnt only when u made a mistake. There's another 'better way' as you call it, learn from those in the position and see what's the important stuff u see thru, and avoid it. Worst, correct them when they made a wrong move!

It's 5.15am in the morning. Anything can come out from my mouth. Im exhausting, but i know i cant sleep for good. yea except for health. haha. When u got the feeling to do something u cant stop it right? Although im tired, sleepy, but i feel like continuing my work. That's nice and not to get this kinda feeling everytime. But what i will face tmr is the whole day schedule to go. darn you la architecture life.

Too much time to be sacrificed. Architecture student. Ahh.. i dunno why i have chosen you. Because u can earn me money, because u can give a pretty girl as wife, or you can give me stressless life throughout my adulthood. Neither all the above!!
DOUBTing why im now here. haha
but anyway
ppl stated ARCHTECTS ARE SEXY!!!
'i dont think so'
I GOT PIMPLESSSS just because of you!!!!!!!



I wanna achieve something. N i know im learning hard for this semester. Way to go :)

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