March 16, 2011


'' Everybody, they love a winner. So nobody love me''

The song stuck on my head and it reflects my feeling right now. Just came back of the whole packed school day from 8am- 9.30pm of studios, discussion, presentations, and research. n it has to be carry on tonight to finish up my proposal for tomorow.

Sadly to say we didnt performed well. Unproper planing and wrong direction of approach. Which again reflects on how i put things up together and it failed.

It feels really bad. n i know how's the feeling make you wanna scream out loud to no where. Maybe some of you might know it, im admiring a senior which is 1st class honoured and im trying so hard to achieve that level. But somehow, i just trying to ask myself, ARE YOU CAPABLE OF? sometimes when it came to work like today, i thought i can do as the best as him but it just didnt work.

Simple question to ask, am i overestimate myself?
Just a statement that is subjective.
OK. That's it to stop emo-ing for all this.

Im gonna take a cool bath, nap, and start up the spirit again n overcome it.

Life is just so dramatic i would say.

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