July 11, 2011


This post popped-up on my facebook wall from Nicolas. I was curious enough to click the link and discovered the terrible scene that i could ever imagined. I mean it. the devils, as u called it Satan-look-alike monsters are us, human. See how cruel the video is.


I was deeply depressed while watching the video, seeing these animals were being abused dramatically. I couldn't finish the video to the end. N we cant deny that human race is nothing but aggressive killers. How could they did this without any sense of humanity? I wish someone would have banned all these abusive farmers and shut down their farm. Hoping Obama would have seen this video and take some instant actions against them.

Not long ago, I remembered about the giant company, KFC had done the same thing to the chickens with some terrible ways of braising them.
What happened to the world like seriously? I'm upset to witness this. But do you know, we should be the one to blame. We are the consumers, we are the true source that pressure them for rapid production of daily products. Anyway, dear government, please come up with some regulations n laws to protect these pool animals. n people out there, do treassure food as you can. Best of all, don't waste them.

Human race big disgrace.

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Anonymous said...

弱肉强食 natural phenomena =(

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