July 31, 2011


Have been sometime that i didnt write my blog in English. Haha. Quite attracted to Chinese recently. Well, this is the last night of holiday before the new semester starts tomorrow.
Wavy feelings and bad mood.
Not because of peer pressure or whatsoever relating studies, but about my health and personal issues that go arround me recently. I don't have the mood to unpack, cleaning up mess and do laundry. Yeap I dont feel well. I think i need to rest more before starting anything. Thanked God for arranging my 1st class tomorrow at 5pm.
Well, for me this new semester is alot of uncertainties, and lotzz that unpredictable. People are discussing about the lecturers for our sem and most of them i dont really recognize. Well, the well known Mr.Keith is back leading us again. But I know i didnt do well for him last semester, and he keeps banning my design as he called it OFFICE-LIKE building. Haha, i would never forget the phrase he spoken to me.
But so far, i'm quite happy to know that going Korea is no more a dream to me. Im going there by joining the school study trip this coming September. Really looking forward to the trip and have lotsa fun. Behave of that, I got plenty of plans that await me to achieve like joining Celebrity Fitness, cutting down high calories food and more sports. I hope i can start all this as early as my body allows me to do.

N this time, Im gonna rox sem4 with another side of me inside!

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