January 05, 2009


Endless feeling on you .. my daily torns.
i act so dumbly again today.

Words i plan to speak with you today,
Things i wish to do with you today,
is not enough time for me to do so... everytime leaving you after have a meet with you, i just hope it is endless for us.
I hope i can spend longer with you each time. Even thinking to stay at yr place.
Is it.. what ppl said the act towards ppl u .. L O V E ?
I am exhausted for hiding it from you since i have it.. so .. hard.
I try n try n try... best record, for almost 3months time. But, when u start sms me,
things gone back again. My dumbly brain cant manage it well.

Can you..
Leave me again?
Jus for a year.. i think..
I hope i can forget you. forget the stupid feeling.

心若倦了 泪也干了
这份深情 难舍难了
曾经拥有 天荒地老
已不见你 暮暮与朝朝
这一份情 永远难了 愿来生 还能再度拥抱
爱一个人 如何厮守到 老怎样 面对一切我不知道
回忆过去 痛苦的相思忘不了 为何你还来拨动我心跳
爱你怎么能了 今夜的你应该明了
缘难了 情难了

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