January 12, 2009


Today, all taylors ppl have a great honour welcuming our Yang Berhormat,
Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad,

was dropping by our main campus n gives us a talk about GLOBAL PEACE..
Well, everyone thinks he is a good speaker, so do i.
Haha.. well, becos of yesterday not enough of sleep. I went asleep after listening like 1 hour.

However, i was awake when Q n A section. There is one guy asking Tun about, If v stop using US dollar now, will it brings us peace? Since US is financed by us to buy those weapon n stuff. He answered: YES definitely. We still have alternatives, go n buy other currencies, including RM!! Then everyone started to laugh. haha....Then, there r some funny joker, asking something out of topic.. about Allah.. n Tun jus ignored it.. wuahaha..
So today was the 1st time i met the real Tun. Zac lead us to wave to him, n he surprisingly, waves back to us. HAHA, good. At least he is not an arrogant kind of ppl lol..

Today's class ended about 4pm. After printing those Econ notes.. Went home and get ready for YKLS rehearsal. Well, I have joined the Young Choral Academy today! haha.. i was kinda syok joining this crew.. cos.. im still singing ! SINGING SPIRIT continues! hehe
So Mrs Sussana ask me to join Bass2.. after singing two songs, which is Soleram, n another weird indian songs, i think i want to give myself a challenger, joining Tenors to learn about high notes.. Therefore, Tracy have an audition on me. WELL, she said either Tenor 2 or bass 1.. I choose .. TENOR 2 !! Haha.. Feel abit Guilty to leave BASSES as my favor. Well, i not joining it is simply becos it is not same as bass last time oso. Learn some new things r good oso right? hehe.. hope i wont regret again.
Well, knew some new friends lol, Zhen a very funny n kind guy, SookYin the director, Joyce n Jessica which is new like me, etc.

So,Hope i will have alotz of fun in the Young KL Singers.

saw this at the studio~ Proud of it. Memorable.
(Found me? )

the moon today is so bright n round. take a look.

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