January 10, 2009


今天无知 bin 条神经线打结了..
today one of my neuron is adnormal..

I spend my whole day in Sunway Pyramid today.. the sad thing is, i have spent like insanes!
i think i really need to check my brain.

at PoPulaR- RM71.50
membership registration. rubik.

alevel book. white board...
at New BalaNcE-
Nike bag-RM89.00
TGV- RM15.40
BBQ Plaza- RM24.00
other stuff - RM54.00
transportation fees- RM4.20

Add uP..


Cham lol... begining of 2009 zao like that jorr .. sure will spend alot alot this year. Gosh. havto start saving now, yet got a mission to be achieve this april, hehe..

But quite consumer surplus has been reached also la. At least most of the things i bought today r demanded one..

省滴洗咯仆街! 哈哈~

RUBIK~ 好玩!

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