January 18, 2009


Another freaking Sunday lol. Today is quite efficiently utilised the time.
I did laundry, I cleaned up my room, i refresh my blog, i did maths mind mapping n revision, econs revisions n etc.

Looks like doing lotzz things right? Hehe.. at least not wasting any time doing nothing. Cos Sunday mah, brain cant work as good as it should be. Laziness and soulless... wuahahha

Well, another 5 days to go back ipoh lurr! Syok man~ Go back celebrate Chinese New Year. C back many frens, going trip, have reunion dinner, collecting ang pau, wow.. Ha ha syok sendiri pula XD.
Mm.. a good news to share here. Well, i m not regret for choosing Alevel this year. This happened after i went to the Counsellor session on last Thursday. Cos, i found the subject i really like in the degree programme... is something to do about Mass Comm.. takes 3years to complete. hmm.. what i should do now is to get a best Alevels results lol.. ALL OIL AH !

tata.. 2 more hours left for today ^^

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