January 19, 2009


Side Effect:

-bad breath
-cant sleep at nite
-sugar lvl in the body goes up
-red dots comming out
-cannot interpret things correctly after the caffin effects gone
- headache
-yellowish teeth
-brain cell damage
-might have melamine risk

Normal consumption: Not more than 2 cups a day

Unfortunately, without any concern, i drank about 4 glasses of coffee today. Dunno what made this happened. Well, maybe is too tired the whole, and i can only consume caffin to keep me alert.

3 tins of Nescafe n 1 glass of white coffee.

Sounds insane right? I think i really do silly geh. I didn realised it until when i was drinking the 4th coffee, i start counting how many times i drink it today. Shocks me~
Hope u guys wont do the same thing with me la.. if not .. u sure will regret.. haha

Mm, my plans in Jan r running quite smooth. I planned to do alotz of things n changes in this year n so far i m getting into it. Happy n satisfied of course ^^ ! wuahahaha... well, hope the rental thing can solve as fast as possible la.. lol..

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