January 07, 2009


So, i have made my very last decision, that is continue my Alevels courses until the end.
well, the 1st day makes me feel like, do i really made a correct move? I think mostly because of the new Econ teacher! Gosh, the 1st day only mah, very serious ldy. N she told us all the stuff n aassignments v have to carry on later..
Wow, r in piles man. Makes me missing you, Ms.Chian. Esp when i saw the remark from her in the exam paper.
-Well, she written there words to encourage me n stuff. Yet, she says i owe her a charicature. Zadou.. haha.. does she really thinks tat im born with designs talent? hehe.. well, thanks teacher, You r a great supporter to me in taylors.

Well, yesterday went to The One Academy, getting back my application form and stuff.
Im lucky to meet her, Clarrisa whom a great n helpful counsellor i had ever met.
Share my case with her, and talks about the path in the future.

'' If u choose to start degree, u have to start from the very begining. The thing is, yr Alevel results r no longer useful, ''

haizz.. nothing much to say bout that lur. Will thinking about it later..

Stupid sohai tuck. did something very sohailly. Haha, yesterday i with joyce thinking about joining the fitness centre in sunway, which is so called CALLIFORNIA..

N guess what,
v have signed up as a member! shit. Those ppl r too good in marketing until v made our decision so damn fast. Now i regret. again.
haha.. luckily there is ppl ganti me. Thanks lotz.
N another thing, sorry to Joyce tat i do like lefting aeroplane, i dont mean it.. but no choice i think i need to quit. Cos, Alevel in 2sem n 3sem is really busy like hell. I noe it can be energetic to us but. I sked i cant manage my time tat well. So, mayb next time k?


tuck is so complicated in mind .. sorry.

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