January 21, 2009


Yesterday went Sunway with yixiang for Callifornia stuffs.
Zadou, when come to dinner, i cant tahan myself for not going into BBQ plaza lol. Shit, damn regret for yesterday's decision. Coz, dunno y, i ate beef n lamb there.
Although is delicious, but is a very bad decision i made.
Gosh, and i have my punishment today. SKED me tat, i saw a big huge reddish dots n rashes on my neck. GOSH! Is itchy n pain. Shit. Hope can fai fai recover from it la. yeww.what the hell.
Damn regreting now.. and now have to wear collar t for these following days ldy! haizz

)&@!*(&*()*@&%^%@@(*&**# ~ ~ ~

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