January 15, 2010

Day 03 Deep War - RIP for victims in Haiti earthquakes

So well peeps, this is the 3rd day of my deep struggling moment in 2010. Nothing else but my skin. Sincerely to say that, thanks for the wishes from quite a few of them who support me n wish me luck. Deep thank you.
I know it just gonna get worsen in 2 days time. The dots will soon become piles n form so shapes on the skin surface. N yes it will be very painful n itchy. Like i said, is torturing. Kinda reminds me the feel when i was emitted to GH.
I afraid that i m going to give up in the war. It needs kinda patience for me not to make anything worse. Im afraid that i cant resist the itchiness n gonna scratch it like hell, n being like i-dont-care mood. But i did put some effort on it. Sometimes it just need to remove the attention by watching movies or play games. Haha. At least i ve done something. Well, compare to what im facing in 2007, it's more or less the same, but the feel is kinda different. The tuck in 2007 is diff with the one now. N like, mind-set diff in handling things. Just some thoughts came across when i was so freaking out. Damn.
Today was kinda busy day for me. Working since morning till afternoon in the office. Its hard to do works in this condition but i did it. Was facebooking n watching Heroes to pass time too. It's so damn freak. I wish to go out asap. haiz..
Funny. I discovered my skin colour is getting whiten. esp my face.. looks lighten. staying home too long ldy lorr....

Still, it's counting.. 3...4...5....

Featuring, i was kinda sad when i got updated with the news about the earthquake in Haiti. About 50 thousand ppl sacrified which is.. a big amount really. I cant imagine how isit look like if i was there. I feel pitty n, mourn the death of the victims. RIP for each of them. Power of God is really big n unpredictable. Believe it.
Sort of, lucky i guess for where im living here without stuff like this.
Hope those survivers will be safe, get helped n have their home back soonest.

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