January 12, 2010


U guys have no idea what im dealing with right now, some kinda challenge from God i guess. LoL.
So well! Happy 2010 n heres the 1st english post in the new year.

Things are getting worse which i could never imagined. My skin problem is abit worsen, face part are healed but turns up other parts so quickly. Covered with reddish dots, sort of like chicken pox all over the body, n itchiness do kills me. Hair scalps drop for no reason. Nobody noes what causes this happen. It's like destiny or fate for me. I could never know i have to face this again in my precious holiday ><

I feel like im kinda being QUARANTINE.
I cant go out n expose to the dirty damn air, dust and everything.
Not to expose under the sun. Yea if u ask me that i do mind people looking at me with that weird expression on their face.
So just stay in the house n do things. Of course, dad's workload. Sometimes just not feeling to do it when im not in good conditions.
But guys, dont worry about me. I just need some time to get recovered before i could really go out do anything i want. I've planned to do so much things before the holiday, n now, i couldnt have do all of them.
So just pray for me if u r reading this post. I need'em.
Well gonna visit doctor again for another check up later on. It seems thats the only chance i get to go out from my house. Haha.

Well, watching Heroes is my current 'hobby'. It's a nice series to follow up. Guess what, i just watched the whole season1 in few days, consisting 23episodes. haha. Im getting my way to nerd, hopefully not. haha.

pray pray pray.. hope to get rib of the skin problem soonnest.



happy said...


[ 梁贤德 YeanTuck ] said...

i dont really get the meaning. Can u tell me about that? Im so curious to know it

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