January 13, 2010


This evening i went to consult doctor again for further check up. Thank god the fungus infection infection is getting better n better. BUT
When i told her to check my scalp n body. She quoted: NO WAY.
I was stunned with that seriously. I was thinking, she knows the thing. She just knows it. Me either. It's back. Phoraisis
Dear mr.disease. Why u have came back to visit me in this early? I was so worry about it. She said it wasnt a mild one. She looks frighten to me.
I was too scary to think about that anymore. Im so weak now.
Every morning wake up, sure i will carry a sense of hope when i stand infront of the mirror. It tells me the condition whether is good or bad. Mirror mirror on the wall.. i wanna a better body.
U know, sometimes i would tink that, if i could gain a surrogate i would have just be anyone i wanna be. I dont have to spend so much of money, time n effort for it. Why im the choosen one, i just dont know.

Im seriously moody n down for what im facing right now. Thanks for my family members, esp my mum n my dad who have been so helpful n caring.. Without my mum i just don't think i could pass all this. She's my great supporter at all time.

Pray so hard to end all this, at least, before chinese new year n uni life. U know, when a guy wanna to have a great crying time. it's just not gonna happen. I feel like letting go tears but it just wont work for me. I think i just need support. N certainly, healthier body ever.


JuStiN [WaI KhaN] said...

may god bless you. Hope you can recover soon. :)

[ 梁贤德 YeanTuck ] said...

THANKS khan khan!
It means alot to me!

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