January 31, 2010


Hi people!
Good news for u guys. Finally, im now getting back on track. Pink health will come very soon. Hopefully i m right. haha.. i sense im getting better. No more pain n itchy like last time. Kinda happy n pleased.

Hehe.. So hows ur guys doing out there? This week is gonna be a busy week for me. Im gonna go KL to apply for architecture in Taylors. Still planning though.
Hoping to see back classmates n frens too..
Well, hoping im ok when im going down. Hopefully the skin wont distract me..

Today's moon is so round out there. Called the 17th in lunar calender.. which means, there are 15days to Chinese New YEar! So fast right? I cant believe it too!

Had my 1st outside dinner with family after 3weeks quarantine in the house. Haha..
I feel great :)

"Tin Tong Kuk" Chinese Restaurant
dishes: Curry Fish, Salad Chicken, Vege, Egg, Soup, Claypot taufu

Well, things r going fine now. HOping this kinda disaster can be stopped last longer .. i need a healthy body to study, do things n play!


FishHead said...

wooi... free from quarantine jor... den fin 1 day i go open room wif u la... long time no c adi. or we can go kacau cai ching at the store. haha

[ 梁贤德 YeanTuck ] said...

wathefak. OPEN ROOM TO GAMBLE la
LOL.. yea we should go kacau him!

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