January 21, 2010


Hello Day 6.
Last two days were really miserable time for me. Cant update the blog, mind was blind n body was too weak to write.

Still handshaking though.. But i sense im getting better slowly. Thank god the climax is over. now still pain, but getting better >< U know what im thinking these days? U wont know it. I was like, feeling bad whenever i get up from my bed. I feel like sleep for a very very long time n dont wanna get up until im recovered fully. haha..
KOMA is what in my brain. haha silly me.

Well, last nite i was mad at my dad. I felt kinda sorry to him n mum too. He asked me to do things at nite, which used to be a wrong timing for me to hear that. I talk like loud n rush upstair. He wanted me to do some typing stuff but he didn mentioned it clearly n he was not coming back at late night. I was mad with him at the phone.
But it's past la, now nothing dy hehe.

Talking about the concert! yea i m so eager to go! They r finally back Msia for a world tour concert in march. S.H.E has been my favourite female group for many years n now it's a chance for me to go n watch them. in real haha.. already asked fiishey sandra to go. hope she can make it hehe.. yea Fish? Lets rock in concert one more time haha.. Btw, anyone else wanna go?


=Purple TeenG= said...

going SHE's ??
planning to go Suju's ??

[ 梁贤德 YeanTuck ] said...

Hey.. hmm i think im not going to suju's concert ldy.. 2 choose 1.. haiz. money money money~~

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