January 16, 2010

Day 04 Deep war- Heroes rocks!

It's saturday! How have u passed it?
Should have all the fun u guys can.
MORNING ACTIVITY. yaw it's never be anything better for me. I hate morning. When i wake up. I had to do things i dont wannna do.. and of course. See what i hate, n feel what which hurts.
Well, today was like any other day. Just that no nid to work. Haha. Im free from office today. Kinda infront of the laptop for aday. Well, hands r shaking, now. I guess it's kinda normal for this condition. I can feel the shaking though. It's just not gonna be normal during this period i know.
Mom has gone for her rebonding with sisters. So then, left the boys in the house alone. Aiyarr.. u cant imagine how i taking care of the brothers. Haha. But still there r being obediant today. Phew.
Well, things i should know it is to be calm. yea that how it works.

HEROES~ This is what had made me not-too-bored. Just finished my volume 2 n now going to head Volume 3. HEHE~~ I like the story n those characters in the story, like Hiro Nakamura, a japanese who so called time traveller. Claire Bennet who can heal n regenerate any parts of the body, Peter Petrelli who can learn anything from anyone he met. Micah, a young boy who can control all the machinery in the world, do anything as he wish. That was the coolest! Imagine how he could take the money from ATM just by putting his hand of the machine. HAHA!
There r still lot of them.. some r bad, like Sylar, killing ppl by cutting of their head n eat their brain. terrible!

Just another day.. ouch its itchy!

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