January 25, 2010


Today was awaken by Sandra's call in 10.00am in the morning. But i was still sleeping so i missed her call. lol. N then munhan smsed me. Still im not awake.
Till i woke up at 1.30pm n the feel is not really feeling nervous though. Maybe my skin is too painful everytime when i wake up. I didn think of my results. Yet, i replied Sandra n MunHan right after i settled down. I opened my laptop at 2pm n start checking on .. facebook 1st. haha. too stalk ppl's status n the results. Haha. Yea 1st i know was Paey Yee, then Sarah, Ele n MingyI.
After taking a painful helly bath, i keep my mind clear n start typing the website n oso the name n password. The result pop out quite fast. Haha. I didnt look at it straightly, but cover the Grade part. see each of them one by one.

I was so happy to see the flat head on the Econs column. Although is not an A but im satisfied. The freak part is the last one maths. I was so eager to get a triangle A. Moving my paper down slowly.. n yes i got it!!!

This is how it looks in the web in case u wanna see it. : )

First of all, i got few lecturers to thank with,
MsTee, our mentor n the maths teacher. who have been helping us all the way with her consultation.
MrMohan, the great tuition teacher of econs who taught me so much about the real world. Thank you so much!
MsSujata, the most dedicated lecturer in my class. The business studies. She always gives us support n cheers, wishes n knowledge of course. "MY FELLOW DARLINGS". i will rmb u teacher!

Also, not to be the last are my frens who helped me so much. Who support me when i needed them. Thank you each n everyone of u!

So with this result, im going to apply Taylors Architecture programme. N good news is, i can get 50% discount from the tuition fees. Hopefully, i can get it! which save up 30k.

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