June 13, 2009


Well, is here. My 2 weeks holidays is here! WooHoo~ CHEERS!I was not too excited nor too dulled.. cos i cant keep myself away from econs 22
sigh.. but anyway, is holiday come on.. must happy abit lol.So .. the 1st day of all.. me and Sandra wanna complete our task in midvalley, which v planned for so long.. n is finally, here~! WooHoo.. the machines ~ r waiting of us.. XDToo bad.. my journey heading to midvalley was not that smooth.. i didnt even noticed that until i think back the happening in the whole day.
Quite like stopping me to go and buy? 1st is the streamyx staff, wasted my time until i dont have time to prepare early. Then is KTM came late (as usual).. tummy feel pain.. crowded train.. arrghh.. just feel uncomfortable for all this.. sommore the weather hot like hell.. i was sweating like a waterfall... n my hair was like the watered grass. haha i laughed at myself too.

HOWEVER.. nothing can stop me either. At last i reached midvalley with a .. 'phew, at last.' Discomfort slowly recovered. I was late and let sa de la wait awhile there. Luckily she didn marah saya, if not i will go smash my head on the wall ldy. HAHA.. Surprisingly saw a very familliar face from sentral to midvalley.. until he really saw me n so i confirmed is him.. Hao Qin. One of my fren who didn contact for so long and he is going there to look for his sis.. haha, this is so called qiao yu. next time go yum cha la.

1st we went into the mac shop in midvalley.. But at last we decided to buy in the mac shop at gardens. So ... v did~ we got our ipod touch 16GB there.. with cover oso.. haha! i was damn satisfied and FOR SURE my comsumer surplus is fulfilled. I took the black cover and sandra took the white one.Well, after bought it we was like sked kena rabbed haha. next time v should change from : hey mine your phone to -- hey mine your ipod la! haha.. cos is dearer than my phone. so as her. wuahahahaha..

Well, she fetch me back to subang to eat-- SNOWFLAKE. what? again? haha.. yeah recently we kinda addicted to it. she eat tofu series and i took the grass jelly wan. Once again~ Feel like refreshing.. mmm ... yummyyyyy~~~
after that.. photo session with our babies.

after that i went home lurr and she went for a hairshow. BTW
still looking a name for my black baby.. guys any suggestion?

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