June 27, 2009


Last Thursday was a damn day.
Something true that u couldnt deny. When someone is black. the whole day will be black like hell. Just look what I had experienced as instance.

Come on, is thursday~! I was totally spirited today as i have a lot of plans to be accomplished. Accending order: fetch brother, eat breakfast, to jelapang renew IC, yumcha, go back home, sleep, find ah loon at nite.
Looks smooth. So here's the real story of the day:

After fetching my brother, im on the way heading to Mcd for a good start of the day. Guess what, when i reached the entrance of the drive thru Mcd, suddenly.. Fluisss~! I was ACCIDENTALLY smash the water to a woman walking with her bic, until she was closing her eyes at the moment and looking at my car. WTH? what i had just did to her? is really, an accident. She didnt blame or what, just look at me for awhile and continue her journey. I feel regret looking at her with whole body wet. I cant do anything either. apologize in heart.
Ate the sausage mc muffin set but not really enjoyed it. I keep thinking that woman. Hope one day, i could meet her back n apologize.
Back to home and prepared myself. I have to really like made myself SMART abit for the photo in the new IC.. after bai bai, then start going to jelapang.
Well, is my 1st journey to somewhere i never been. Im was in good mood but somehow, i made a wrong way. I went to Kuala Kangsar. haha.. but it isnt a problem.. it just take me like 20mins to back jelapang. BUT, BUT, when im on the way to Jelapang, i had my 1st car accident with my kelisa. I was enjoying myself singing CRUSH in the car.. suddenly boom!! BOOM!! .. i stopped singing and silent for 10 seconds like that. Quickly stopped my car, go down n c what happened. Someone, called Encik Fardz bang my car from the back. N guess what, thats also 2 lorries and 1 saga kena bang at the back of Fardz's car. This is like.. big stuff.? omg.. luckily thats not my business. So fardz settled this by giving me compensation of 150 ringgit. Settled everything n say bb with him.
I felt really cold and scary then. Dunno why, that moment when i heard the bang, the feeling started. Well, still driving to parade.. buy present, n yumcha with Hao Qin.
after that.. follow Dms to Jelapang AGAIN to renew my IC.. when reached there:

'' Nak buat IC baru keh? Ada nak tukar alamat?''
''Ada, mengapa?"
"Kamu kena bawa bukti untuk tukar alamat"
"Isi borang ini dan bawa satu fotostat bukti mali"

SEE. Is a black day really. Wasted my time whole day just for the borang? NO way! I want to be emo ldy lo!! Is really sucks. NO choice la, what to do? Go back home and wait for another free day then go change it la.
Lost mood for the day. Went home and terus sleep until 8 something. After that preparing present for SengLoon. Then about 11.30pm.. went to his house and give him a little massive surprise to him. He really got surprised. Haha. this is the only mission i got it done. Well, he was happy and he likes the present too. Good.

Hate this day 25/6/2009
hope i m not that black anymore.

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