June 17, 2009


A tuesday in the holidays. Nothing were planned for today due to my sprained leg. Err, thats why woke up at 12somethings. Lol.. Was like a patient. Still abit sleepy when i wake up. Zzz
As usual, 1stly make my coffee to start the day first.
Nothing much can be done with my injured leg. The whole day was busying with my laptop and ipod. It was so kik shou yet i still with empty applications in my ipod. wtf..
In the afternoon, thanks to sis for fetching me to the tabib cina to balut my kaki. 1st i thought the sifu is gonna be like what we seen in the tv.. 'spin' my leg until it move to the right position. HAHA. but actually is not like that 1. He just apply some creamy darkish medicine in a cloth and then start balut on my leg. is not pain at all .. lol

Something surprised me in the afternoon. I've received a call from my dear primary teacher, BC Goh. Guess what? She phoned me to go her house and take the homemade laksa ~~ OMG.. she is so good.. she knows im back n wanna bring me something to eat.. And u noe what, the laksa is so delicious.. love it very much X)

Thanks teacher wu..

Well.. days continued with laptop and ipod. Thank god. FINALLY
i fixed the problem of my Apple ID leh!! Yahoo!! finally i can download application from itunes store.. so keep myself busy until late nite .. wooo..

today is a day to be remembered. ^^

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