June 30, 2009


Keep bleeding.. keep keep bleeding heart.
Is not a very good start for July.
Well, went schooL spiritly happily.. Should be a good start, but somehow, ended up with some disappointment and pains.
Thanks to those needles from them.
Where people say 一针见血.

In fact, i got 2 needles tercucuk dalam heart today.
Bleeding nonstop until emo.
I do hate EMO anyway.
Thats why
im here blogging

1 is at the school library
and another one is outside the school.
Which something after i knew it, I felt extremely disppointed.
Too bad i cant keep my feeling away from my expression.
Thats what made my maths class so unspirited
Even the notes i copied during the calss is messy like hell. Haizz, hurted

Going to take a nap now for the study later.
Hopefully after the nap my heart is stop bleeding ldy.


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