June 16, 2009


Wonder why..
people said when a person very 'sui' luck,
he/she will be very very 'black' for the whole day. OK, tell u guys what i experienced
to be a black guy today.

Starting from.. my face
Unbelievable, my face got a big huge juicy pimple on my left cheek. Is as huge as a fly. I was surprised but is my fault to make this happened. I called mcd again for last night and ate nasi lemak on the afternoon.. double effect made this come out
then, early in the morning, i was planned to go the kopi shop that i used to go after i jogged. Who noes, it closed for no reason. i was like, no way~! I wanna drink coffee ah!
Ok fine, i went to another restro nearby. The coffee sucks..

On the afternoon, my 1st time experienced something bad. While on the way back after fetching my brother to tuition, i was driving sambil singing david song, suddenly an old indian guy walking pass the road. I thought he would walk faster after i horned him. But guess what.. he has a very weak response system, and I'd almost langgar him. Right until i break on the spot he only realise my car. WTF.. luckily i didnt hit u man, if not people will think is my fault.. he looked back at me with the 'black' face showing his innocent face. OMG, that is a wide road with 3 lanes. U should wait until the traffic light turned red only pass. NOT MY FAULT AH! Hate this kinda people. Please follow the rule next time ok?
Fine. I continue my way to Econsave building to grab some k dvd. I was delighted with a few of them coz i could found some songs i like. haha.. lucky leh.. when i was on the way to my car.

.... ....
OUCH!! I wrenched my left leg. Is so pained until i cannot walk the 2nd step. Ppl they were looking at me. They are like.. what happened to this guy? (HAHA)..
these ppl ah, dont let me see u again, if not i will...
I dragged my leg to my car.. thank god at least, i still able to drive back home safely.
BUt my leg feel like a needle keep pressing on my damn leg..

So this my black monday in holiday..
I cannot jogged for 2 weeks as planned. Arrggh..
hope my leg can recover asap =(

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