June 02, 2009


Economics... my favourite subject so far. But recently do not noe why i dont have the motive to memorise anymore... seems boring. Repeat n repeat.. although im not good in memorising.. but still like abit confident until do not really read every single points.
HAHA.. hope my examiner wouldnt be like Mr.Mohan.. it doesnt matter to be like Ms Ray or the Doctor.. haha... just pray hard for it.

mm... recently my scedule was terribly reverse with the normal wan. People sleep, i awake. People awake, im in dreams. Sounds like owl or rats.. haha. Foo Jo Ee is the main cause! No more McD delivery for us pls.. im getting cubby lol. Somemore eating supper feel cannot sleep the whole nite. Eye bags thick like hell.

Another day in library economic-ing and rc-ing.. Just came back celebrating Bryan's bday with the muffin and fisheyxx.. mm.. then tuition for 1 n a half hour. Now quite sleepy ldy. Later plan to go pool again with sheng. haizz, hope someone can lend me a shoulder or a simple hug. I m too exhausted to be alone. Volunteers anyone? I ain't steel man. I do need rest and warm cares.

1 comment:

orange said...

i lend to u~!!!!

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