June 23, 2009


Well, wanted to post something but was abit lazy to post. Thanks to my freaking phone. dunno what happened to him until the bluetooth is not functioning AT ALL, all my pics cant be transfer to the computer lo. All the pics are ready to post here but who noes.. so ng teng wah..

1st thing to share. Burger was qualified for the next top20 in K contest. Congratulations man!
He is getting better and better in what he's doing. But too bad, the comming performance for him is not his piece of cake. So? Hey.. must let go abit la. sing fast songs must let go want. Dont care 3 7 21.. just let go la! All the best..

mm.. was busy with my xiao hei nowadays. I getting to know more about him and same goes to him( I guess ). Hope he teng teng wah wah la. Sometimes he quite naughty wan. I went to yik fong today, i saw ppl selling ipod touch there. Curiosity made me stepped into the shop. Found something interesting. Someone there was offering me the BREAK.
yea is break, aka jail breakin. Is sort of imitation. With this break, i can download all the app, games, anything for FREE. Oh my god, this is so cool!! He offer me rm160 for all the things to be done. Wat The Fuck? Is so expensive. u go robb meh? At the end, i say ' Thank You' then move out quickly without looking at his 'black face'. Come on, i'd broke nowadays n i cant afford that much. Maybe will go n break it after my finance acc recovered. Solemase ==

mm.. tomorow is movie time! TRANSFORMER is waiting for me at jusco. OMG! cant wait to see the spicy sexy Megan Fox !! ~~yum yum

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