February 25, 2009


So, tats Kate, aka Pao Pao Fish. Hehe.. If not mistaken she is now at Singapore Airport dy. Mm.. She is going to Switzeland for a student exchange program lo. Duration is 1 year. Oh man is quite long leh, i m quite worry for her being alone there. Well, i noe she can take k of herself geh. HOR? Hehe.. Sure boh?
Well, i went KLIA today to 'fairwell' with her before she leaves. Fetch by mr. shang, can say my very good fren in KL who willing to spend his time fetching me all the way to KLIA. Some more he got test tmr. C how great is this guy! Haha. Thnx alot.
I reached there about 6pm. As Shang said, this my 1st time gave to him n Kate ldy! Wuahahaha... this was actually my very 1st blood for KLIA leh. I noe im very local la! OK mei?? LOL..
Meet her at MCD there lol.. wah, funny thing is.. she is wearing a journalist-like jacket as u can see up there, until like cannot recognize her at all liao . HAHA.. >< ..
Great to meet u there for the very last time la. Mm, i still worrying for you girl. dunno what reasons la, maybe u r still young, a female, lonely, no frens, or.... hmm.. Tats the reason la. N carrying almost 30kg punya largage leh! how heavy is tat! OMG. Hopefully yr host family is waiting for u at Switz airport so tat u no nid to carry all the way to anywhere u want to go. ^^
Well, v chat n chat until is time for her to go n 'check in' . C her looks like very touched like tat. Haha, esp when i gave her the present. mm.. is a diary anyway. Hope she can write everything in the book as memories there..

SAY: bye bye ~ With some sadness . Hope you will enjoy yrself.
P/S : dont forget me wo!

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