February 10, 2009


(typing in the library)

I didnt sleep the whole nite yesterday.
No significant reasons.
I studied in the half of the nite, and did nothing in the other half.

I'm dull this few days. I noe what is actually causing this. Is VALENTINES DAY this coming saturday. Keep asking my frens and c how they celebrate it. Lotz of different answers i got from them. Some celebrate it with plans, some who cannot meet up will just sms or chat the whole day long. C how romantic is the Valentines Day can be.
Im envying.

This is the 1st day i left my room tat early, is only 7.20am. I still can c the very big round yellowish moon up high the sky. I saw ppl jogging, i saw ppl going 2school like me, i saw ppl just wake up, i saw cats hanging arround at the lorong, i saw ppl eating their breakfast ini subway.

I went cafeteria to buy nasi goreng for breakfast. Ate in the classroom. Lonely as usual.
I realised the situation at 7.20am and 8am in subang r big different. when almost 8, the whole area are fulled with cars.
So annoying.

Another day in taylors, going to have class later. so gotta stop here..

1 comment:

MuNH@n said...

Aiyo lonely boy,
Y envy leh? Go find yr di other half lu. Be hapi and proud that u are stil single.

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