February 15, 2009


Im alive ! wow.

My valentines day .. thanks for YC to stand with me when i need a hand.
The hardest part was in the eve. I did everything alone as usual. I ate alone, walked alone on the street, and surfed internet alone in the room. I cannot stand for seeing ppl in pairs. And I cant accept myself im that kind of person. So i give a sms to YC. Thank God he was there to share my feeling.

I asked him y we dont have gf yet. n why feel bad when im alone. I asked him did he feel the same way. He say 'im not.' Not everybody the same, i tell him about my DT oso.. but didn tell him who the hell is DT. As i told him, i choose to forget this DT. Yeap time files, i can be cured i guess. Without DT arround.
Chat, chat, n chat with him until i slept.

On the day of love, i ate lunch myself. I planned to study at kopitiam alone but i asked Kyan, my new housemate buddy come join me. He came n after v finished yumcha, I put my homwork away n went pooling with him at Club9. I do enjoy the game with him. He is quite a pro. Haha. I lost alot n won him for 3 games only. Esp the 9ball game. Damn syok.
After that, i went home n start feeling sleepy. I slept until 6something, n then bought DVD, dinner n Calsbergs for the night. as I sked i will think too much on the night again. Unfortunately, i successfully forgot DT the whole nite. Thanks to YC again for his counselling on the day. Haha.. n yet, i still putting the beers in the freg. Wait until another hard day bah.

Thats the stupid day i had passed.
so called Yok Ching ! Thanks again!! n all the best for yr running game tomoro.
GaYao ah brother!

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