February 15, 2009


Well, start the day with a very sleepy mood. After drank a coffee, i was like damn semangat ldy. Wuahahaha.
1st thing that surprised me was that. I get 22/30 in Business studies class test! OMG. Haha, damn happy with that as i didn study for this test. Unfortunately, my score is only 20 as mrs.sujata mark wrongly for 1 question. But it was more than enough as i beat many ppl in class. Yippie~
Another happy n unexpected thing. i get 20/20 for Economic Test 1! WUAHAHA... Damn Happy with that. Im the only one who get it in class. Really didnt expect it and i was too shock n surprised with my ability. It was luck i guess.....
I can feel how great was that if i get a good result. Mm.. hope i can get it for the next test, but i think not for the maths test today. I did some ques wrongly.. ish ... ><

no wonder how YC did with his competition leh?

1 comment:

MuNH@n said...

Keep it up man..
U can de.

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