February 06, 2009


It was a very successful interview!
Today after classes, we went to theSun head quarter to have an interview with Mr. Lee Boon Siew, present Executive Editor of the company. We were glad to have an interview with this wise and nice man.
V pressed on topic Freedom Of Information in Malaysia.

~the PB6 PEOPLE~
The interviewers: Ming, Ele, n me
The secretaries: Fishy, Happy Pig, ZhuangMin
Camera girl: PeiLing, PaeyYee
Assistent: Zac

when we reached the headquarter of theSun..

me look so genjiong.. (X)

finally..oii! tat's Mr. Lee
That's him. V start with an introduction of ourself (conducted by ming).
Qun Shei Gai stand by, 1..2..3..
start rolling.

Well, it went well and smooth. I did my part in a satisfied way, but not the best performance lol, as I didnt speak as loud as i could. Overall, we did a good job.
Finished up arround 3.10pm.. before we left, we gave him a token of appreciation. He looks quite delighted. haha..
Job done! Everyone of us so happy cos once again, we accomplished a mission together. Happy dou, take photo everywhere again.. haha...
Thanks to Malaysian Studies, that give me this opportunity to conduct an interview to someone. It was a very good experience for me in the future.
And the teamwork i experienced, i feel great to work with u guys.. sincerely

PB6 soldiers

my starbucks coffee after finish this post.. XP

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